February 18, 2012
1st Haul out and bottom
cleaning since late 1990s.
The marine growth on the
bottom of Stephanie was
thick to say the least.
Pictures above

1. Stephanie being place
into the marine carriage by
the tug Ajax

2.Stephanie in carriage and
riding it up to the beach

3. Stephanie rising out of
the water, notice the arms
rising out of the water
holding the vessel up.
Captain Cody Hills scrapes the marine growth off the hull of the Stephanie.
"Big John" watches from above
Propellar after three days
of cleaning and polishing
Propellar with over 10 years
of marine growth
This initial haul out was a result of
Stephanie taking on water from damage
that occurred during the previous winters
storm. Notice the plywood patches on
her bow and midship, both placed there
while she was moored at the dock in
Eureka to prevent her from sinking.
7 planks were replaced on her port
side along with repairs to the bow
and bow stem.
Her wheelhouse, starboard bow and
below the guard on both sides
were painted white.
Back to the dock free of marine
growth, brand new zincs, new planks
and a new coat of paint.
2012 - Restoration Phase I