2013 - Restoration Phase II
At this point in time, Stephanie is still
taking on a little water and her decks
leak. Captain Hills has painted the
wheelhouse trim a deep green. The
boom, the winches and exhaust were
removed to lighten the vessel and
create access the decks underneath
and the trunk cabin.

To the left, removal of the exhaust
stack is followed by removal of the
With the trunk cabin accessible, it was
removed and engine clean up began.
To the right, Stephanie's stern bulwarks were
numbered and partially removed, to make
the decks underneath accessible.
Bilge clean up and deck clean up
Boat restoration is a dirty job....after a long day of it, it was time to get
cleaned up....
Captain Cody Hills and Britni Anderson in the engine room
Tiffany McKenzie and Jack Beer pumping out the bilges
"Brekin", Jack Beer and Leroy Zerlang take a rest
Libby Tonning to the right and
"Brekin" below.