1964, the F/V Stephanie returned to
Eureka under the ownership Karl Enberg.

Three generations of the Enberg Family
have fished the Stephanie until 2003
from Humboldt Bay.
The second major disaster was in 1952
when she was wrecked in Crescent City
Harbor on top of FontLeroy Rock. The
Captain of the vessel was ordered to
move the vessel during an escalating
storm and was caught in rough water
and drivin over the rock.

After she was wrecked in Crescent City,
Stephanie was sold to Jack Moskovita
and Earl Groat of Oregon for half the
boats vale. They had her back fishing
within a weeks time, with no major
The first disaster was
in 1946. A crew member
left the deck hose over the
side, it back syphoned and
she floundered at the dock
in San Francisco. The boat
was raised from the bay
and continued to fish for
the Lazio family until 1952.
Stephanie, sunk at the Ft. of Leavenworth St, SF.
Courtesy of San Francisco Maritime Museum
Stephanie, atop FontLeroy Rock, Crescent City Harbor
Courtesy of Gean Vierra, Humboldt Historian vol. 46 No. 3
The fishing vessel Stephanie has had a long life as a member of the North
Coast fishing fleet, has had a 2 major disasters and a few minor ones......
Stephanie, inbound the Humboldt entrance bar Cir 1990s
Stephanie, tied up at the Eureka Public Marina, just
before her retirement in the fishing industry, 2000.
Courtesy Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum
Salvage operations raise Stephanie
Courtesy of San Francisco Maritime Museum
Crossing Humboldt Bay 1958, Courtesy Humboldt
Fisherman's Marketing Association, Carl Christensen
Collection, Humboldt Historian vol. 46 No.
In 2002 a fire destroyed her wheel
house.  The family was in the process
of rebuilding the wheel house when
the health of the owner swayed him
to sell the Stephanie's commercial
fishing permits back to the Federal
Government through the
capacity reduction program in 2003.

(50 CFR Part 600) read more about
Pacific Coast Groundfish Buyback.
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