Step Aboard, learn the history of Humboldt
Bay and Eureka's waterfront during a
75-minute narrated cruise traveling along
the shores of the bay.  During your cruise,
the Captain explains local history, industries,
activities, points of interests, and wildlife.

Wednesday through Saturday
1:00, 2:30 & 4:00 pm
Sunday through Tuesday
1:00 & 2:30 pm

Narrated Cruise Fares:
$18.00 - Adults         
$16.00 - Seniors/Junior
(55+ and 13-17 yrs)     
$10.00 - Child
(5-12 yrs.)     
4 yrs and under Free

Sit back and Relax during this slow
paced leisurely cruise along Eureka's
scenic waterfront. Enjoy a beverage
from the
smallest licensed bar in the
State of California
while taking in the
sights and sounds of the bay.

Wednesday through Saturday
5:30 pm

Cocktail Cruise Fare:
$10.00  Per Person - all ages
Cool temperatures on the coast provide a great vacation
away from the inland heat. For those of you that forgot
your jacket-
Blankets are provided aboard.
aboard the Motor Vessel MADAKET

Venture to the unchartered waters
of Arcata Bay and get close encountered
with many creatures that call these
waters their home. Harbor seals, oyster
beds and flocks of shore birds.
Historically narrated cruise. 1.5 hrs

Every Sunday
11:00 am

Eco Cruise Fares:
$20.00 - Adults         
$18.00 - Seniors/Junior
(55+ and 13-17 yrs)     
$12.00 - Child
(5-12 yrs.)     
4 yrs and under Free
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MADAKET was'nt always named Madaket.....
She was built for "Cap" Henry Hamilton Cousins for the Cousins fleet. Her name was Nellie C. Named after "Cap's"  
daughter Ellen Cousins. In 1931, the fleet was sold to Walter C. Coggeshall and Nellie C. was renamed Madaket after an
Indian name from the East Coast's Nantucket Island.

Madaket is the last remaining vessel of a seven vessel fleet that once transported families and workers around Humboldt
Bay. Amongst these workers were hundreds of mill workers and longshoremen employed by timber companies such as
Hammond Lumber Company, Dolbeer-Carson, Simpson, Georgia Pacific and others of the era. The ferries (known locally as
Launches) would operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, each carrying no less than 1,500 people a day around the shore.
They were a vital link to the early day economics. The completion of the Samoa bridge in 1971 put the ferry service out of
business and gave new life to Madaket as the Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise Flag Boat and ambassador of Humboldt Bay.
Built in 1909, launched in 1910 and refurbished in 1989, she is a reminder of our bays maritime past preserved for the
future and has become a vital part of the tourist industry.

The Motor Vessel MADAKET is one of 700 historic vessels registered in the United States. She was built for the shallow
waters of Humboldt Bay at Fairhaven Ca, in 1909, by shipwright McDonald. 47.5 feet in length, 12 foot at the beam and
draws a mere 3.75 feet. Launched onto its placid waters on June 6th 1910, She continues to be the
oldest passenger
carrying vessel in continuous service in the United States
and boasts the smallest licensed bar in California.
Madaket History
A Bit of
Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise
"On Humboldt Bay Since 1910"
(707) 445-1910
Departing from the
"Foot of "C" Street"
Eureka Ca.
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